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Digital Video Production

Digital video has vastly expanded the available uses of video. Video is an extremely powerful tool to promote your business and the services you provide. While, in the past, video (or film) was only used for television commercials and training films, now video can be used in many creative ways. Here are just a few ways we can help you promote your business with promotional and information videos:

  • Put a short promotional video on a BCD (Business Card CD-ROM). Business cards like this can be played in a DVD player or computer.
  • Create a promotional or informational video to go on a VCD (Video CD-ROM) or video tape. (Duplication costs for both are so low these videos could be sold for a nominal fee or even given away to potential customers).
  • Create informational videos that answer your clients' frequently asked questions. These can not only be put on tape or VCD, but if done on DVD, can be indexed and turned into a reference tool, allowing people to look up and find answers to their questions on the DVD.
Videos can also be integrated with multimedia presentations. We can help you by producing informational videos to make your job easier, or by producing promotional videos to increase your customer base.

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