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(Business Card CD-ROMs)

The business card has long been a tool of the professional. It is a simple and convenient way to provide someone with information on how to reach you. Now business cards contain company logos and slogans. Why not take it a step or two further? Why not put a website, introductory video, or multimedia presentation on a business card? Picture a business card that can be placed in a DVD player or a computer. When people put it in, either your website, a video, or a presentation comes up on their screen. This is what a BCD, or Business Card CD-ROM, does. It's a business card printed on a CD-ROM. BCDs come in all different sizes and shapes, from close to the standard business card size on up.

How about putting a few programs people will want to run on your BCD (such as simple reference tools, utilities, or games). People will think of you every time they put your BCD in their computer!

You can also use BCDs to pre-qualify clients. A BCD with a website on it can include information for a potential client. It could also provide a simple questionnaire someone could fill out on a computer. It would then e-mail the answers to you, in a form you can use to either prepare for the first meeting with a client, or to evaluate the information to pre-qualify the client.

BCDs allow you to add whole new dimensions to business cards by letting you include video, multimedia presentations, or web pages on your business card.

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