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Threshold Digital has developed around evolving digital technologies that have changed data mining and video production. We use a custom designed network of computers, with each computer designed specifically for its assigned task. This allows us a flexibility and speed, both in data mining and in video production, that was only available to large corporations with expensive and complex networks of computers as recently as a few years ago.

We use flexible and adaptable data mining techniques so we can adapt our procedures to provide you with the data that best helps you and your business.

We use digital technologies to create the videos you want on a small business and personal level. By using digital video, we are able to do more than just produce video tapes. We can create DVDs, or include video on your web pages. We can also create BCDs (Business Card CD-ROMs) that have video presentations on them.

Although Threshold Digital was officially incorporated as recently as 2001, it is the result of four years of preparation and experimentation with video equipment, computers, and web design technology. Instead of using costly video editing equipment, all our video work is 100% digital. By avoiding older analog cameras and by editing digitally on a computer, we are able to work faster and make use of more editing and post-production effects than are not available on non-digital editing suites. For data mining, we use sources both on and off the Internet. We use sources easily available to everyone as well as sources that require a membership or password.

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