LDNet (Legal Digital Net)


Legal Digital Net, or LDNet, uses a data mining system to help lawyers and other legal professionals increase their client base. It also includes special rates on our other services.


Realty Digital Net, or RDNet, provides real estate professionals with video and multimedia tools to market their services and the properties. It also includes special rates on our other services.

Video Production

Let us help you use DVDs, VCDs (Video CDs), and video tapes in your marketing. We create videos that answer customer's questions or introduce your services. Instead of paper brochures, how about a video brochure?

Web Sites and Multimedia

Almost every business has a website now. It's like having a business card online or an ad in the Yellow Pages. We can help you design web sites and create multimedia displays. Instead of using a brochure, create a multimedia CD that will give clients an impressive introduction to your company.


Almost all business cards now list email and website addresses. Why not combine a business card and CD-ROM into a business card CD-ROM (BCD) and put your website or a multimedia presentation on a BCD?

Data Mining

In the information age, knowledge is power, but there is so much knowledge and data only a mouse click away, it becomes a challenge to find the data that helps you. We can find and mine data sources to provide you with data you can use.

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