LDNet (Legal Digital Net)


(Realty Digital Net)

RDNet assists Realtors and other realty professionals with marketing their services and the properties they represent. We work with you to produce your own promotional videos. We can help you prepare introductory videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, or other material. Here are some examples of materials we can help you create:

  • Introductory DVD, video tape, or VCD (Video-CD) you can send or deliver to potential clients to introduce yourself.
  • Worksheets and CD-ROMs to help clients gather all the information they will need when meeting with you. The CD-ROM can contain a program where clients can enter the information you need when you first meet with them. It is then e-mailed to you in a form you can print out an use.
  • Informational and reference video tapes, DVDs, or CD-ROMs for clients. We can create a reference tool with you answering clients' most frequently asked questions.
These are only a few ways we can help you use video or computer tools in reaching clients.

We can also help you in showing properties. While there are tools to show homes on the web, we can help you go one step further and create video tours of your properties. In only a little longer than it takes to give a tour to potential buyers, you can host a video tour of a property. We then edit it and package it with your contact information and you can have it shipped to interested buyers in this city, or half way around the world!

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