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Multimedia Presentations

A powerful and relatively new tool in promotional and informational presentations is multimedia. Multimedia presentations engage the audience. Instead of a talking head reciting information, multimedia includes movement and action, as well as illustrations, charts, and diagrams. People enjoy watching a well prepared multimedia presentation.

Multimedia presentations can include video or can be part of a video production. Overall, multimedia presentations cost less to prepare than video and take up less computer or storage memory. This means much more information can be presented on a multimedia presentation or stored on a CD or BCD (Business Card CD-ROM). It also means they can be downloaded faster and often work better on web pages than streaming video.

Multimedia displays can be interactive. People can back up and see what they missed, or they can proceed at their own pace. It is also possible to prepare multimedia presentations that allow viewers to make choices. Video is linear -- you watch it from beginning to end. With multimedia, you can create presentations that let the viewer choose which parts to watch and explore.

Multimedia presentations are an exciting way to present your message in a dynamic and engaging format. Whether you want to provide information or promote your product, multimedia will present your message and create an emotional involvement as well.

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