LDNet (Legal Digital Net)


(Legal Digital Net)

LDNet provides lawyers and legal professionals with more prospective clients and, more importantly, with more clients. We search for people in need of the services you, as a lawyer or law firm, provide. Instead of just providing a mailing list, or names and addresses, we can create the letters and work with you to find the printing and mailing solution that works best for you. LDNet is one unified solution, designed to meet your needs. You can fine tune the service as much as you like and we can set up everything according to your specifications.

Members of LDNet also receive special pricing on all our other services. We can work with you to produce a video with you answering all the questions first time clients have. We can produce videos to sell your service, introduce yourself, or to provide the information you feel each client needs to know. If you like, we can put videos on an indexed DVD so it can be used as a quick reference guide for clients. You can give these videos (or Video CDs or DVDs) away, or sell them at a nominal price. Clients will not only use them, but also let friends see them.

We can also create multimedia presentations to be shown on video, computer, or both. Instead of giving out a paper business card, how about a BCD -- that's a business card on a CD-ROM with a website, multimedia presentation, or video on the back!

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